Your Plane's Shield


An airplane flying through the sky by a mountain
A red and white airplane parked on a runway
A yellow and black airplane parked on a runway
A red and white airplane parked on a runway
A blue and white airplane parked on a runway
They showcased a remarkable commitment to perfection, ensuring that every detail of the paint job aligned with my vision. They truly transformed my aircraft into a flying work of art.
A blue, black, and white airplane parked on a runway

Preserving aircraft exteriors against wear and tear.

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Consultation and Design Planning

During the consultation and design planning phase, we work closely with you to create a custom paint design that suits your preferences and determine what's needed for your aircraft.

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Surface Preparation and Application

During surface preparation and application, we carefully prepare your plane's surface and apply top-quality aviation-grade paint protection using professional techniques.

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Quality Assurance and Maintenance Guidance

In terms of quality and maintenance, we conduct rigorous inspections, offer maintenance guidance, and provide warranties for your satisfaction and long-lasting protection.


Our vision

To be the premier provider of innovative and sustainable paint protection solutions, setting new industry standards while exceeding customer expectations through exceptional craftsmanship and service excellence.

How can I get started with a paint protection project for my aircraft?

Simply contact us through our website or phone to schedule a consultation. We'll discuss your needs, provide recommendations, and create a customized plan for your aircraft's protection.

How long does the paint protection process take?

The duration depends on factors like the type of protection chosen, aircraft size, and design complexity. Typically, it can take several days to a few weeks. We'll provide an estimated timeframe during the consultation.

How does paint protection benefit small planes and aircraft?

Paint protection enhances the aesthetic appeal of your aircraft while providing a protective barrier against UV rays, bird droppings, pollution, and other damaging factors. It extends the lifespan of the paint and reduces maintenance costs.

What is paint protection, and why is it important for aircraft?

Paint protection is a process of applying specialized coatings or films to aircraft surfaces to safeguard them from environmental elements, wear and tear, and corrosion. It is crucial for preserving the appearance and structural integrity of the aircraft.

What makes Cascade Custom and Design the right choice for paint protection applications?

Cascade Custom and Design specializes in small plane paint protection, providing personalized service, top-quality materials, and a meticulous process to ensure your aircraft's lasting beauty and protection.

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